Does he really still want to talk to me?

I fought with the guy I am kinda seeing at the end of our conversation he told me that he would talk to me some other day. This was right before he left on for his vacation for 3 weeks. ? He hasn't blocked me on Skype which is our main form of contact for now and he's always online but I think he's ignoring me because I haven't received any message in about a week. Should I just write it off as he didn't mean what he said and just doesn't want to talk to me anymore?

one thing though before we had this fight he did say that he would probably not contact me while he was away on vacation...


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  • Does he really still want to talk to me? yes he does.

    • Lol I find that kinda hard to believe considering he hasn't contacted me in over a week...

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  • Hey things could be worse. I don't think he wants to talk to you again but you could be this guy... link

  • I would say he does not want to talk to you anymore

    • thanks I wish he just said it to me that night... I just don't understand why he didn't remove me from his contacts though

    • one thing though he did say that he probably wouldn't contact me when he was on vacation well before we had this fight though

    • People are cowards

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