Am I right to still be angry with her?

Apologies for length:

When we met she had a boyfriend, but we ended up getting very close to the point where I got the old "I wish I'd met you first" line. I spent a lot of time (over a year) trying to be the right guy for her, and ended up being used as a back-up or plan b, with her complaining about her boyfriend pretty much the entire time. More than once I overheard her talking to her female friends about me, saying that they were being too flirty and that I was off-limits, something which she's never admitted to.

I'm angry with myself for being so easily led on, but I'm more angry with her for doing it to me. I have a lot of trouble making friends and talking to girls, so I'm angry with her for trying to keep people out of my life when she had no right to, and I'm angry that she's never apologized or even admitted to any of this.

I'm meeting her for a drink tonight, and she doesn't know I'm so angry with her - but in your honest opinion, do you think I ought to be?

My biggest fear it's that I'm overreacting and that I'll make myself look even weirder than usual.


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  • She's a hoe, no doubt. he also used you, no doubt. She's also a bitch that can't do no wrong in her own eyes, no doubt.

    You meet her for a drink, if you want to give her a nice payback: Keep super cool the entire time and tell her how you realized that what you two have been doing was very inappropriate because she has a boyfriend. Told her how disappointed you are to have wasted all that time on something so meaningless, that you regret it all but are happy because you are looking forward to meet someone new to start a real relationship.

    Don't be a d*** to her directly, always target what you and her have been doing. She won't be able to get mad at you and you'll be able to throw all she has been doing bad to her face. If you keep your cool and show how liberated you are from her influence she'll hurt the most.


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