Is it just an excuse?

Okay. Have been communicating with a guy for 5 months, he is in the military and will be coming back to my state to live permanently in 6 months. A few weeks ago he said he would try to come and see me when next back in his base and now he is back he is saying, I don't want you to get bored of me and I'll be back permanently in 6 months.

Is it just an excuse? Has anybody really told somebody this before and meant it?


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  • could be perhaps the military might draft him elsewhere, it could mean if he drafted elsewhere wither of ull could lose interest and it would be a heartbreak for both you guys. its kinda hard to say, you need to feed in more details sweetz...

    • Thanks unleashed. He is not being posted anywhere else, he currently back in his port for 7 more weeks, until deployed again for 8 weeks. They every second Saturday and Sunday off. In 6 months he will be leaving the military for good and returning to my state - we are not in a relationship, just getting to know each other.

    • Perhaps he afraid you might dislike him, possibility of low self esteem issues, perhaps afraid your high maintenance & you would prefer the alpha male type, perhaps you would get bored and find somebody else.. there come a lot of unanswered questions here. The best I suggest ask him directly, rather that way he could be more open to you. fix a day wen he I completely available and sure and say just a casual meetup would be fine :-)

  • is it just an excuse? not really.


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