Plenty of Fish. What are your thoughts?

I've never had a boyfriend, so please don't judge me. I've had a pretty s****y year when it comes to relationships (or lack there of), and I tried online dating and had really bad experiences with that. A bunch of people I know have suggested that I try Plenty of Fish. I am kinda skeptical about joining, but would like to hear what others have heard about that site, and what are some pro's and con's you've heard as well? Thank you :-)


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  • PROS:

    Being able to meet lots of random people

    Possibly learning more about the person over online chat

    Not having to put yourself out there as much

    Being able to just pick and choose

    Having the ability to ignore someone without it getting too personal


    Meeting absolute weirdos

    Being set up, or stood up

    Having people pretend they're someone they're not

    Having to fill out information that can be too personal

    Having to make an 'about me' which determines your online dating future basically!

    Being contacted by people either way older, or way younger

    Meeting up with someone, and getting raped, murdered, abused, drugged, or hit

    Having the pressure of saying "No, I'm not interested" after meeting the person

    Seeing the person in real life, and realizing their picture was from 10 years ago


    As it turn out, there are MORE cons!

    Online dating? Bad choice? Possibly.

    • you make some very good points, thank you :-)

    • your welcome :)

    • My dad knew what he was risking when he used Plenty of Fish. He met a few gals that didn't agree well with him, but on the other hand, he found one that he's happy with. They got married about 4 months ago.

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  • If you're SERIOUS about finding a guy, join a dating site that you have to pay a monthly fee for. There are WAY to many trolls, idiots, perverts etc, that set up fake free accounts on those sites.

    FYI...POF is a site that people just use for sex. There are no serious daters there.

    • you have some good points, and I do (unfortuantely) have to agree... the other 2 sites I had tried, I paid for it, but the guys on there were 'trolls, idiots, perverts, etc.' are there any sites you would suggest for trying to find a real relationship? I am all ears at this point lol

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    • True, there are a lot

    • ok thank you! :-)

  • Well, there's always OkCupid. It does a better job of matching personalities. I just wish there were more attractive women on there.

    I haven't done much with POF. It's just a picture and a paragraph, and very little to break the ice, or to find a certain type of partner. it matches its name, though, there are TONS of people involved. I just wish it had better/more matching options. If POF and OKC combined using OKC's layout and Q/A tech and POF's people, it would be awesome.

  • Aw, I'm not gonna judge ya ;)

    Unfortunately I don't know much about that specific site, so can't help you there. I have heard of people meeting online, sometimes dating sites, sometimes social networking sites, even one case on LinkedIn, and having success in long-term relationships.

    • what is linked in? I've never heard of that one... and thank you for not judging me, I appreciate it :-)

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    • I wouldn't try it for getting a date, but could help ya in your career.

    • ok cool! ill have to keep that in mind, career-wise, for the future... thanks :-)

  • Don't. Just, don't. Trust me on this. It's not a good idea. Get off the internet and go start flirting with guys.

    • ive tried flirting with guys plenty of times, but they are never interested in me(usually my girl friends)

  • i think it's a good site, helps many.


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  • It went well for me, very well

  • plenty of losers (POL) is more like it.

  • i met the guy I'm dating till this day on POF...on ANY dating depends how you portray yourself...if your on there whoring yourself with pictures and speaking of yourself like your Gods gift to men or that all you like to do is drink, smoke, club, blah blah blah...of course you're going to get contacted by men who want one thing...and you can tell soooooooooooooo much from a guys profile as well. key thing! don't just talk to everyone who emails you...YOU pic YOU choose. So...the guy I'm still seeing (p.s almost a year now!) didn't contact me first. I took the risk...he was surprised that a girl took the first step and the email I sent set me apart. it was a plain and simple "hi I enjoyed reading your profile" and waited from there...he responded within the next day or so. its not rocket science. its all about how you put yourself out there and what you expect...have standards and give things time...he wanted to meet me just after a couple of weeks of emailing me...i said no and we met 3 months later...again...that set me apart. he's smart, in shape, funny, tall, and a great looking man...we have amazing chemistry and speak almost everyday... give it a try and give my advice a shot...i wish you the best of luck! :)

    • thank you! and congrats to you too on your relationship :-)

  • Pardon my French but plenty of fish should just be called plenty of f***s because that's all people are looking for on there. If you start talking to a somewhat attractive guy who seems interesting it's all a big huge front to get in your pants. So if your looking for a real relationship, I do not recommend plenty of fish. If you're loking to just get laid, then have at it!

    • haha that's what I though about the other 2 I tried: Military Pen Pals and Christian Mingle... totally not worth it... unless you wanna just get laid of course lol

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    • Oh and I have heard some success with My mom met her boyfriend on there and they've been together for 5 yrs. But she played hard to get, that's the key, don't wanna come off as easy prey ;)

    • hahaha I know exactly what you mean :-)

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