What is on the mind of this kind of woman? You tell me.

A woman who is in a committed relationship with Guy A. They are going through some what of a difficult patch. She also lives with Guy A.

However, Guy B is trying to get with her. Guy B and her text message each other often with flirty exchanges. They email each other often. She is very much intrigued with the emails and text messages. They have been talking for 2 months and Guy B's email inbox is filled with replies and his phone is maxed out with her text messages. Despite her telling Guy B to keep all interactions platonic and clean, she keeps flirting back.

They've known each other for like 2 months and went out on a few dates.
Does anyone think that this girl is emotionally cheating on Guy A?


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  • she obviously likes the dirty texts and emails because if she didn't she wouldn't flirt back.

    • They've known each other for like 2 months and went out on a few dates.

  • She enjoys the attention but probably won't take it any further than the texts and emails because she prob feels guilty. Guy B should just go find a SINGLE woman to pursue before he gets himself into a big huge drama fest. This girl is just gonna keep giving him the run around.

    • Guy B might be trying to keep the possibility open for a relationship in the future

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    • Well, she's getting to know Guy B and still not letting go of Guy A until she knows for sure what she wants. Could be that she's considering breaking off from Guy A but is not secure in her decision yet. That's why she's talking to Guy B and its slowly developing. yay or nay?

    • NAY! she could still get to know guy B without having to be in a relationship with guy A. She's a user, cheater, and attention whore. Would guy B want to be with a girl like this? Because say she's finally with guy B, well then guy C will come along and she will do to guy B exactly what she did to guy A!

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