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So, I've been talking to this girl for the better part of a year now, and we have had our off and ons. We met through a friend on facebook.. but have never met. We've teetered back and forth between liking each other, getting into other relationships, forgetting about each other, and always come back to talking -liking each other again. We've never met before though... every time were supposed to, something comes up between the two of us.

But this weekend I'm for sure seeing a movie with her, and so I was wondering what the boundaries are for this first date? Considering it's different than if you just asked a girl out to the movies that you don't know... because she's told me she's liked many many times, and still does right now.

I know holding hands is a little intimate for a first movie, but I find it less awkward than kissing.. and I'm not sure the same rules apply to this situation?


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  • Just be cool and enjoy the date. The point of it is to get to know her so don't try to hook up on the first date.

  • Don't kiss her or make out with her. That would scare me off and you would look like you are just trying to get in her pants. Holding hands is pushing it too. Just relax and go with it. Do what you feel is right for the moment. It will come to you.

    • Would holding hands still be pushing it on a second date?

    • No not on the second date.

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