Should I just wait or will it be okay for me to text him?

so I met with him last Saturday we went to the movies

and I've had a lot of history with this boy..I've known him for around three years and on and off..and finally he lives in my town so I want to see and be with him a lot..but he just began his studies and college..and last Monday I texted asking if he wanted to hang again and he said yes we have to but he had to check his school schedule and needed to spend time with friends and getting to know new people..and I said OK and respected that..but its been a week and I miss him a lot..and I don't want to be needy.should I just wait or is it OK if I text him one more time...


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  • I think its OK. just keep it short like you're checking up...nothing much.

  • If it's been a week, I think that's plenty of time, you should contact him.


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