Hmmm...I have found another girl that I like.

so. I have liked this one girl for quite some time, though from what I know it has never been mutual. we are great friends however. I cannot really get past her but recently I have found another girl that I like. Problem is, this new girl is in the same small group of friends as me and the first girl. I do like girl #2, but I honestly still kind of have feelings for girl #1, her friend. Would it be unfair to girl #2 to date her if I know for a fact in the back of my head I would rather be with girl #1? Me and girl #1 have had talks in the past and she had made it clear that she would rather be friends with me so odds are we will never be together. Girl #2 seems to really like me and I do like her, I just don't know if it is unethical in a way.


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  • NO not at all you might find that you like #2 more as you get to know her. Even if you don't it can still be a really good experience.


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