Why the sudden change?

Hey all! An avid reader but a new poster here.

So I have a situation for you to give me your insight. So here it goes!

I'm a 21 year old dude. Not been a fan of the whole "relationship" concept, I am known for spinning plates and for some occasional one night stands. But this time things got a bit different...

A month ago, me and two of my best friends decided to go clubbing. The two of them brought their respective girlfriends and one of them brought her 18-year-old blond HB9 sister with whom I spend all night talking and making out and we ended up having sex.

Even though she's a bit immature, she's very fun to be with (and extremely gorgeous).

The following days, the girl added me on Facebook (some of her friends did the same) and began constantly starting conversations with me and we would bust each others balls all the time. She even started to go out with my friends which was something she never did before. In all of these outings, at first she was always shy but as time went by and I started to make her at ease, we started to act like a couple (and I started to develop feelings for her). Sometimes, my friends would even start to talking about my "women experience" (exs and stuff like that) and she was visibly upset by it (which seems to me like a very positive sign). But in those outings, we never got to spend some time just the two us.

After the last time (last week) we got out (again in group), she has changed her behavior completely. The following times (3 times or so) I chatted with her on Facebook, we only talked for 5 minutes because she had to leave (one time, she even stayed online, after saying goodbye, for 30 minutes or so). And the last time, we were talking about some event, and I said to her " I'm going to the event and I think you should come with me". But she never spoke again.

Seriously, usually it's me that gives ladies a cold shower and now that I'm going "gaga" for this girl, she's behaving like a spoiled brat? What the *bleep* happened that I totally missed?

Thanks for the replys


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  • Why the sudden change?

    Possible she thinks you're a slut and not dating or boyfriend material. Bit odd to me as gals often don't behave as guys seem to in the sense of negatively judging having several sexual partners.

    Seriously, usually it's me that gives ladies a cold shower and now that I'm going "gaga" for this girl, she's behaving like a spoiled brat?

    So in otherwords you're usually behaving like a spoiled brat and are upset that she is. Perhaps think of why you behaved like a spoiled brat as it may be the same or a similar reason for her.

    What the *bleep* happened that I totally missed?

    Likely that it wasn't a very positive sign that she was visibly upset by your spinning plates and occassional one night stands when your friends talked about your experience with gals.

    • Yes, I understand that my "man-whore" reputation isn't exactly what she expects from the a potential boyfriend. But she's different than those other girls.

      As for the "spoiled brat" thing, I think that the reasons are different. I behaved like a spoiled brat to those girl because I never had true feelings for them except having a one night stand(which now I see it's a wrong thing to do...). As for her, I honestly believe she has true feelings for me

    • For her you may not be different from those other sluts.

      On the 'spoiled brat' bit: the reasons aren't different to me as she may not have true feelings for you or even had them. Quite possible you're seeing what you're want or you're seeing the past not the present.

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  • Ok just be honest with her send her a message saying something like " I don't understand why your not talking to me but I really like you and would like to take you out " Don't be cocky and rude because that's clearly not gonna work be sweet and sensitve but comfident with her

  • Whatever the problem is its an assumption by her and is most likely fixable.

    You just need to be persistent and show her otherwise... without being super keen and stalkery

    • My plan was to back off a little bit, letting her making up her mind and then go talk to her

    • Exactly. And whenever she is around you and your friends, don't give her any reason to think her impression of you is correct

  • Maybe she found out you weren't into relationships

  • Time passes

  • Best answer?


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