Why has this guy not answered my message?

So last month I was volunteering and met a nice guy, who was the manager there. We talked and he seemed interested in me and was constantly trying to keep the conversation going. So anyway, he never asked for my number and because I have a fear of rejection, I didn't say anything, since I wasn't sure. So the other day, I looked in my Facebook messages... there's a message in there I never got from last month. It was from him and he wrote it the same night that we'd met. He asked if I was the girl who he had just met.

So I responded and apologized and said I missed his message and asked him what was new. He replied and it was hard to understand exactly what he was trying to say... he said that he wanted me to initiate exchanging numbers that day, since he said he was at work and can't ask for my phone number. Then he said that he really wanted to ask me to go to dinner and a movie before I went abroad (I told him I was going to eastern Europe in a month).

So I replied and was kind of confused- at first I thought he was asking me out, but then I wasn't sure, because he didn't actually ask anything in his reply. So I just kind of took a risk and told him that if he still wanted to go, that it would be cool and gave him my number. I told him I'm in Europe right now but that if he gave me his number, I could talk to him when I get back next week and we can arrange something.

Anyway, that was Saturday night when I wrote that. It's now Tuesday night- almost a full 3 days and I have heard absolutely nothing. To make it even worse, I can see on Facebook that he did read the message. So I am so completely confused and disappointed. I thought maybe he had met someone else since he wrote me or something, but his Facebook does say single. I aso can't understand why he'd tell me that he had wanted to ask for my number and go out to a movie/dinner if he was seeing someone now and was no longer interested.

Can anyone help? Especially guys... I am so confused and feel like a complete idiot because he never replied. Does more than three days pretty much mean he's totally not interested? He replied to my first message in a day.

Now I think I might have somehow misread and maybe he actually wasn't insinuating he was interested by his reply. Did I ruin it because I replied too late? Can anyone help? I'm so lost.
* OK I know that I kind of didn't ask a direct question so the message probably doesn't require a reply right away, but I feel like since I did say, "if you give me your number" and he hasn't messaged it to me, that is signaling to me that he doesn't want me to have his number and isn't interested. Doesn't the message I wrote require SOME type of reply or acknowledgement or confirmation, or am I just thinking as a girl and not a guy?
And also, if he never replies or gives me his number, there's no way I'm contacting him again because I already feel rejected. I feel like contacting him again without him having said anything just makes me look too eager and sad.


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  • ummm chill out, he's probably just waiting until you're back to call you now...


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  • I told him I'm in Europe right now but that if he gave me his number, I could talk to him when I get back next week and we can arrange something.

    He might be just waiting for you to get back home.

    • Also if you said you could talk to him when you back then he may be waiting for you to contact him when that happens

  • This guy may have just been busy...


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