Asking for a date after she stated she had to work?

So this girl and I have know each other for about a year now. Not to the point that I know a whole bit bunch about her but we've played in a few rec. Leagues together and have mutual friends. I've had an interest in her for that length of time but she was with someone so there was no reason for it to proceed any further than to be friends. Anyways her and the guy have since broken up.

The other night she asked if I wanted to have drinks with her, so just her and I went out for a few drinks. She seemed to have an interest in me that night as she mentioned how when we first met she was disappointed that I'd not gone out for drinks with everyone as she was single then, she asked why I was still single, and a few other things. Then when we called it a night I mentioned how we should do this again and she said she didn't think she was busy next weekend.

So I waited a couple of days then called her to see if she wanted to go grab something to eat sometime during the weekend at a restaurant she said she liked. She ended up saying that she had to work which I believe as she is a waitress and works the weekends every once in awhile. She suggested the she was potentially free next weekend; however, in my delirium of feeling rejected at that moment I didn't really reasonably respond and just said something along the lines of OK, sounds good. Now I don't know how or when I should be asking her about the weekend she suggested, so an help would be appreciated. Also I feel like trying to set all this up a second time just makes me look like an idiot, is this the case?

Thank you ahead of time!


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  • I agree with tiny places


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  • I would stop asking, she already knows you want to hang out with her again, no need to push it. Honestly I wouldn't talk to her again till she herself called and asked.