Did I scare him away?

We never spoke at work and I only got a hold of his phone number because he was leaving, we texted for 10 minutes on the phone I guess you could say, there was a 5 to 20 minute interval before he answered but the fact of the matter is we still spoke.

Anyway, the next day I asked if he's doing anything that day, he never answered and today at about 4ish I texted him, telling him id like to get to know him now; since we never spoke at work.

Did I do something wrong? I don't get it, or did I scare him away? I'm not trying to at all though.



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  • I don't think you did anything wrong, he might just have been busy


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  • Either he's busy, or he's no longer interested. "If" he's no longer interested you might have scared him away, he may have wanted to chase you, but you did all the work.

    (and before anyone says " ohhh pulease, all guys are not like that" you're right, not "all" guys, but "he" may just be)

    I would say just back off a little, he obviously already knows you're interested, give him a chance to show or not show if "he" is...the level of interest should be reciprocated, if not, more. :)

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