Why is this guy ignoring my texts for no reason?

we've hung out before and last time we saw the batman movie almost two weeks ago. (we've been friends for a while too but I like him)

we've kissed but he always says 'why don't you make the first move" ...i get really nervous so I just wait for him to kiss me.

its been 12 days since we last hung out..i texted him Friday saying "hey jake what's good :P" and he didn't answer. but he did add a guy on Facebook... I texted him later on Sunday saying "hey you wanna hangout sometime soon before your cruise?" ..and nothing..i went on Facebook and saw in my feed that he's listened to songs on spotify on that day

hes going on a cruise very soon...i honestly don't know if he left already ..

is he ignoring me and why? he usually always responds, and usually never just

ignores" stuff. and he's flirty/touchy when we hangout.. last time, I asked him if I annoy him by texting and he said "nahhh it doesn't bother me. I answer don't i?"

i hope he's on his cruise and not just hating me...


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  • I think it's because he's on his cruise.


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  • hes probably on his cruise or doesn't like that you don't make the first moves or has phone problems

  • Guys don't ignore texts. They are just disinterested.


What Girls Said 1

  • It may just be because he is on the cruise or his plan ran out of minutes. From experience, assuming the worst from a guy is hardly ever the right way to go and I almost always end up getting upset for no reason. If he likes you, which it sounds like he does, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.


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