He had me sit by myself for 4 hours while he played video games. Is it a lost cause or is there hope?

So the guy I have been seeing has sent me over the edge. He had me sit by myself for 4 hours while he played video games. No the game didn't bother me it was that he wasted my time instead of just calling it a day. When I was leaving he said he doesn't know why I'm mad and acting that way, which pissed me off more than the alone time. Now I was so worked up over it I wrote down what was bothering me exactly I mean over all not just the one time thing (there was more stuff bothering me) However, I feel I may have been too harsh about it, while it needed to be said I think I should have been nicer. PMS may have something to do with it but its no excuse now I have no way of contacting him since his phone recently broke and the only way we can communicate is through Skype calls. He just hasn't logged on since. Is this a lost cause?


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  • it might be a lost cause if you don't communicate to him and tell him about the problem... instead of stomping off-sorta speak

    • Well while I have tried to express myself to him before more calmly but he never seemed to take it seriously and while it was harsh the letter clearly explained what I was upset about now I can only wait to see if he can over look the harshness and will be wiling to talk about it with me again.

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    • he will talk, just say your sorry okay

    • thanks and I am going to apologize tomorrow afternoon

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  • I don't think it was harsh at all, he's pushing you away with his actions.

    • I may have in the letter said "you're either a worthless ass or idiot maybe both" and dropped the "F" bomb more times than needed he really is a nice guy but I was really pissed more so than normal I think. I do want a chance to talk it out rationally and I hope there's a chance a guy would be more willing than not to over look the harshness of my letter written in anger.

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  • why would you wait that long to just get up and leave!? of course he didn't get it...you stayed for 4 hours and your mad? anyway, don't feel bad and don't blame the pms...if he didn't consider your feelings or that you were there in general...let him go.


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