Why does he not call me but texts me and then doesn't follow through with going out!?!?!?

Why does the guy I like and who likes me only text me every now and then he calls my Dad and my dad's best friend every month or so? (He is buddies with them but he is my age don't worry).

We went on a date a few months ago on his bday. I had never even spent time with him b4, talked to him on the phone b4, or gave him my number. He got it off my profile. Anyway, like he doesn't call me, but sends me texts and I ask him to go catch up or something leads to this and all and he says, "we should go out for sure." (said this a month ago) or "You busy this week?"(said this on Tuesday) but doesn't follow through with any of these!, or hasn't yet with any of these.

Is it because he is shy/nervous to talk on the phone since we kind of talked about going out? Why?!?!?

I know he likes me because his best friend keeps telling me he is totally interested he is just scared to lead a girl like me because all his other relationships he is being lead/controlled. and just got out of a stupid relationship in January according to his best friend. HELP!


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  • just call him and tell him we are going out this day this time and close the line and don't text him back or answer his calls

    • But why is he not calling or saying we need to go out but not doing it? I mean you are a guy why do they do this? lol I mean he works so I can't be like, "We need to gon on Friday" because he has a crazy schedule

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