Should I meet up with this guy?

Here's the story met this guy online on one of those free dating sites.

He told me he was out of business from another state, and I'm on the east coast. He told me he's not looking for anything serious as he will leave in 8 months or so. Things got sexual 'sexting' after a few days of talking, we started sexting a lot. Saw a few pics of him even send one pic of myself wearing a bra (don't judge me). He's really hot and I could not help it. Then I told him I didn't want to hook up and come to his hotel room (first I said I would). He knows I'm a virgin. Then I called him a once or twice the convos were short because he was busy and he didn't return my call. I called 2 days later and asked why he hadn't called, he said he forgot (he texted that). doesn't' carry on a convo again told me he has to go and I should call him later in the day. I didn't, I text him again to have a convo he isn't responsive. So then I suggest we meet up, I can see he was online but didn't respond. So I text "I'm not saying we can't do other things;)" and he texts back IMMEDIATELY and is like "sure?"

Honestly in my 20s never had boyfriend, been kissed etc. He's good looking and actually found me attractive and so I feel kind of attached. Should I meet him for drinks later in the week or leave this guy alone?


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  • THAT's a PLAYER. A real definition of a player is THAT. He will be in and out of your life. He will have sex with you only, and NEVER be attached emotionally. Do you want that? You can get that in a bar too. This is the typical heartbreaker. You will think of the guy who took your virginity all your life. Are you sure you want it to be a maniac player business man? It's up to you. But you can also go to A-N-Y bar, meet a guy, give him your number and then have sex with someone more meaningful... its up to you... but he will leave you scarred for a long time... imo

    • But he seemed cool and I actually wanted to be his friend :( before got all sexual. Guess he's not into that at all eh?

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    • omg really! but I don't want to hookup or have sex I just am intrigued by him for some reason, want to see what his deal is.. no harm in that right. I'm a smart person (believe it or not) and will most likely tell me friend to meet me for dinner after so really I'm only meeting him for 30-45 min in an area that is surrounded by ppl. Does that sound okay? :/

    • Well if you make it casual with supper, its a classic date, including what happens after. The fact that you "sexted" means, he already "assumes" he will sleep with you. So then, this up to you. If he sounds like he is a good guy, then you can CHOOSE to lose your virginity to him. This is your choice, AFTER you meet him. Trust me, you have a LOT of time ahead to have this happen to you again. You're 18 to 24 so, there will be more of these in the future. Guaranteed.

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  • Think about this: link

  • Should you meet up? Yeah you should


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