Would you call a girl gorgeous if you didn't think she was?

Hes an acquaintance, we just met like 5 days ago.. he don't seem to be all that interested in me.. but we do flirt and he makes it out like he is at times..?

i texted hey you

he replied hey gorgeous

I get the feeling he isn't all that attracted since he's not trying to get to know me really but I don't know maybe its something else that's holding him back..?

Guys would you call a girl gorgeous if you didn't think that? Or is he just trying to "charm" me.. For.. Idky I guess the hell of it lol Because he ain't trying for sex either..?


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  • If you had something I wanted, I'd tell you you were Cleopatra reincarnated.

    • Well yea I understand that lol but he don't seem to want a relationship/sex anything..

      hes my drug dude, he gets free drugs for sellin and is ALWAYS on runs so me buying little 20s don't make a diff, so I truly can't think of anything I have to offer that he's after.. He smoked his personal with me when I bought last

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    • Hahaha!

    • Lol :P

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  • Would you call a girl gorgeous if you didn't think she was? No I'd mean it.


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  • lol. they'll say anything to get into your pants.

    • Lol yea I know that, he ain't trying tho.. I've been waitin for him to try because yea I wanna bang him lmao..

    • ...sigh.

    • I know I know slutty. Itd be my first slut move.. I want his nuts tho

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