Am I being too bitchy??

so this guy I have been talking to is suppose to come over tonight. He was suppose to be here at 5pm, and he still hasn't arrived. he said he was in Pasadena which is an hour away from where I live. He didn't even call or text me to tell me he was going to be late, which made me mad. By the way, he doesn't even call at all. he only texts me! I ate that, but we had a really good convo (over texting ) last night, and we both talked about what we want in a relationship. I actually started to like him then, but wtf? he still isn't here, is he full of sh*t? I'm ready to tell him to f*uck off and never talk to him again...


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  • i think you are being a wee bit bitchy but for a very good reason. so its pretty justifiable. I would have lift like 3 minutes ago so I guess I would be even bitchier than you.

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