What is your opinion on the winky face ;)? Flirting? Do you only send it to people you like-like?

My crush sent me a winky face after I sent him a sad face. He normally doesn't send smileys, but lately I have been telling him we should hang out so maybe this has given him some confidence?

We were joking around and he said "too bad lol" and I said :( and then he sent the winky face.

In my opinion, the winky face is reserved for people you are interested in and in my eyes it is flirting. What do you think of it?
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obviously I think he likes me for other reasons. This just got me thinking...


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  • I use it on flirting, sarcasm and anything else where I'm meaning not quite what I'm saying.


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What Guys Said 2

  • It could be anything. I use winks on occasion with everyone. But if I'm using it with someone I'm into, it's almost definitely a mix of joking/teasing and flirting. But I wouldn't use it with someone I'm into because I think it's a kinda immature way to flirt. I mean, it's unnecessary. If you wanna flirt, a wink shouldn't be there to say "yes I'm flirting". Can't say I haven't used it in the past though. In fact, this is kinda a recent realization that it's a pretty bad way of flirting.

  • Yeah it's definitely flirting, good question ;)

    ohhhh yeah you felt that right, I know you did, see it's true haha


What Girls Said 1

  • I use the winky face if I want the person receiving the message to understand a specific underlying meaning. Like if what I said was subtly dirty and I want them to know it is, or if I want to convey something that for some reason shouldn't be sent in the current situation. Or in a "if you know what I mean" situation, which now that I think about it could be both of the previous or neither. But yes, sometimes the underlying meaning does mean I like the person, but I use it for a lot more reasons than that. It's best not to jump to conclusions here.


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