Do you keep playing the field or wait for 'the one ' to come your way when least expecting it?

I've been pondering this memo for some time, do you play the field and date girls and see how it goes with them/hope there the one or stay single and wait for the one to grab you down, your thoughts ?


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  • I think we all do both at several points in our young lives. I dated someone for three years hoping he's be the one, then when we realized that it wasn't going to work out I switched to being single and dating around mode. That lasted for five good years, although at times I would secretly hope to find someone decent and trustworthy to spend my time with. The older I got the less patience I had for people's games. I just recently met someone who I can easily spend the rest of my life with. I feel that at 23 I am not built for the date around kind of life and am much happier in a stable relationship.

    • amazing answer! I'm 22 and totally over the dating games and all that and just want to settle down with someone in a long term relationship just can't seem to find them and it sucks you try not to ruin any new relationships feelings ( thoughts going into my head atm) like I want to date her because she is awesome adorable fun and all that but if I date her I might ,loose her down the track :/

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    • very well said I guess we have to just not put a tippy toe in the pool and dive right in and just tell her what I want or at least what I'm looking for out of this and see her reaction because she said she hasn't had a relationship go over 6months and my longest was 1yr and a half, and just go with the flow I guess

    • Yep that's what me and my boyfriend did. Dive right in and be honest about everything. We knew about each others' flaws within the first week of dating which made it easier for the both of us. Good luck to you both :)

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  • You gotta meet new people to see who is 'the one' for you. For me, I take relationships seriously and I don't look for someone per say...a relationship seems to come on its own

    • i guess you have to meet and date them to see if there worthy of the one/ butterfly feeling every time your with them/ just sucks you date nice girls for a couple months and they turn out not what you expect

    • Oh :/ I'm sorry that has happened to you. Don't give up though! There's someone out there looking for someone like you

    • yeah happened to me currently but currently just starting a new relationship with another girl, I guess you just stand back and think to yourself you don't want that happening with the new girl

  • I play the field. By doing this, I am able to gain more experience and come closer to knowing what I want "the one" to be like.


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  • As a younger guy, it is probably best not to settle. As you get older you will regret not being young. There is plenty of time for that. But, on that note, if the right one does come along, don't let her go, or you will end up regretting that as well


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