After I kiss her..what now?

Well, I met this real nice girl, I just went up to her told her I had to introduce myself or else I would never happened, she seemed pretty nervous and kinda gave me the cold shoulder like if she wasn't interested..btw what does it mean if she's nervous? anyway, I got her talking I calm wasn't nervous or anything, the talking went real nice, we had a convo for about 15 minutes, before ending she gave me her number, I told her I just had to see her again and wanted to see her for some coffee on Thursday, she wanted to that night but I told her that night wasn't no good ;), anyway before I left she kept yappin that she was gonna go so I put my finger on her lip then I kiss her..first she turned away, I said "awww yikes!" she then smiled and said cya so I just grabbed her arm put her close to me and kissed her, we kissed for about 4 seconds..

So does that mean she's my girlfriend now or what? How do I proceed? Based on what I can interpret its probably not a good idea to ask her to be my girlfriend? e.g "Wanna be my girlfriend"


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  • i think that you guys should just go on dates first. don't immediately ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend, she might not be ready for any commitment yet.

    if things go well and you guys see that you're totally into each other, then ask her.


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  • lol no one can be your girlfriend based off of one kiss and a chance at going to get coffee together.


  • Lol what are you a gypsy?

    once you kiss a girl that makes her yours? lol XD


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