How to get a first date? (Will call for the 2nd time)

Approached a girl 5 days ago at the bus stop and got her number. She enjoyed meeting me.

Today I called her, chit chat with her and said that I want to hang out.

As soon as I got to a hang out part She said that she will call me back because

a) she was with friends

b) had trouble hearing me

She never called me back. Was it a coincidence or an excuse to let me know that she isn't interested?

I am going to call her tomorrow again. What can I change in my approach?


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  • She panicked, that was all. That can happen. Especially if it looks like you're coming on too strong, or made a move on her which she felt was unexpected. And she might have thought it was unexpected since you waited 5 days between getting her number and calling her. Most girls hate it when a guy waits that long. Usually by day 3 a girl is already mentally preparing herself for the "I guess he wasn't that into me after all" excuses.

    If she gives you the brush off tomorrow, don't let it worry you too much. The main job is approaching and getting the number.

    For the future, a change in approach... Hmm, hard to say since I didn't hear the "chit chat" part.

    Ordinarily, I'd advise a bit of flirty banter, if you can make her laugh that's good, don't let the conversation grind to a halt by staying on the line too long. Give it a few minutes - enough to be entertaining but not so long that you or she runs out of things to say. Then make your excuses that you've got to go, but you'd like to chat again. How about hanging out, going to a movie, etc... Make your move then.


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  • Yes call her back, she wasn't expecting you to call. She probably already accepted the fact that you werent going to call... and then BOOM ! you call her and she freaked ! Plus she was with friends? She probably was now telling them about you !

    Next time you call say something like "Is this a bad time? You owe me a cup of coffee, remember?" Or make a joke along those lines, lighten the mood a little.

    Best of Luck :)

    • She said that she was going to call me back but never did. Could that be a sign that she is not interested or just freaked out? Should I act like nothing happened or like my phone died so I don't know whether she called or not...?

  • Just text her next time. Less invasive. Be calm and witty...less stalkerish. And remember, have fun!


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