Do you trust online dating?

Even with chat rooms and such... do you ever meet the person in real life and find he/she not what you expected?


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  • I found love on first love, and I'm also his first. We are happy together though he is miles away right now. We are all people, and people fall in love with each other, it doesn't matter whether you met at school, on the club or Facebook,you meet in the end and love is love...BUT be safe!


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  • Risky. Personally, its not for me. But I can't be completely against it because I met my best friend online (through a forum/message board).

    You just have to be extra careful.

  • 'trust nobody, that much I have learnt' spoken by catherine howerd before they chopped

    off her head !

    • So you are comparing online dating to being beheaded? Interesting.

    • online hating is risky.

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