Am I allowed to ask him to choose between me or his best friend?

My boyfriend cheated on me 9 months ago for 3 months. The girl used to be my friend but for reasons, we decided not to be. And after some time, I found out about them. I decided to give him another chance because he seemed very genuine for his mistakes. I know people are quick to judge that I'm stupid for sticking around but we've been through a lot together. We cut her off officially and he's been telling me the truth all the time with whatever he's doing. I can vouch for that. No doubts about it. But this time, it's just his best friend who happens to be a girl. He met her a little before he met me. He liked her for a while but she rejected his advances. After that we started going out. We all became friends. After a while, his friend and the girl he cheated on with got along really well. His friend would know about the girl's affections for him and whenever him and his friend would hang out, she'd invite my ex-friend. Almost playing a matchmaker. Until she found out that the girl slept with her boyfriend as well. She always seemed very sneaky to me, she never rubbed off on me well. She makes me very uncomfortable and bothered when she is with him. Now, it seems like he prefers their plans rather than ours and he'd sleepover there multiple times against my wishes. We would argue about it a lot but is it time for me to lay down the choosing question?


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  • Allowed to ask him that? I guess so, probably not the best idea though.


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  • no, making a guy choose isn't cool, and he'd most likely end up dumping you then the girl he's be friends with and used to like and probably still does if he's sleeping over her house.



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