Stopped texting out of nowhere

so I was speaking to a guy for about a month. we would text, chat on the phone, hung out a few times. one night I spent the night, we went to breakfast, and he drove me home. it was fine. next day I didn't hear from him at all. the following I text him and he said busy and asked how I was, the next day he was having dinner at his parents and I asked if we could do something Friday. Friday rolled around I didn't hear from him. next day I did after I called him, he said Friday got away from him and he just left his cousins benefit and was heading to work. I replied back "thought you were mad (I was kidding but I don't think it came across that way) and I'm glad you are busy that's good for work and hows his cousin?" I Haven't heard from him since. his birthday is Sunday and I am not sure if I should call him or text him. is it over? or is he just taking a break?


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  • i think he's taking a break, talking all that much can leave somebody feeling like there's no room to breathe

    • You don't think he isn't interested anymore? What should I do about his birthday? Call or text?

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  • I think you've put your share of effort into trying to talk to him. He might honestly be very busy or he might just not be so interested. Either way when its a priority to him he will make the effort to talk to you or take a minute out of his whole day to send one reply you know.

    I can't really say though because you know him and what is between the two of you better than anyone here. So just make your best judgment if this is worth your time or not.

    Maybe give it one last try and ask him what he's doing for his birthday or something and then wait because the ball is in his court.