Is it over with a girl I thought was my girlfriend?

So my "girlfriend" turns out to be lying to me. I guess we were never really dating in the first place after this. I guess she was just being nice and trying to make me happy. All the times we flirted and all the times we cheered each was a joke I guess. She told me that she wanted to date me and I can't tell if that was the truth or if she just tried to make me happy. I found out last night that she was dating someone else the entire time we were flirting. I just don't know what to do. Should I just back off forever? Or should I just keep trying to flirt with her. Try to win her over? Or maybe wait and see how things play out with a chance that her boyfriend might get more serious. :(


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  • I wouldn't mess with someone who is in a relationship, Just back off, If she really liked you she would of make things right by breaking up with the Boyfriend first, is she is still with him there is a reason why.

    • Thank for the BA :)

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  • definitely not dude...if her boyfriend gets serious bout her nd she tells you dis later wen feelings start makng place...its reali gonna hurt...if you don't wanna leave her nd dnt wanna b much attached den continue flirtin nd spendin time wid if you thnk you like her den you got 2 choice:

    either talk to her openly bout what she feels for you nd what keeps her wid u...

    nd if you like her beyond flirtin den jst go and get her...try everythng to win her...the choice is urs...