Should I worry if this guy I am dating hasn't texted for 3 days?

Here is the thing: I met this nice guy at work, after I finished my shift, and I met him there. And he asked if he could walk with me at the main office , and I said OK. And we started talking. It was like we had known each other for ages. When we arrived at the office he asked for my number and I gave it to him. Two weeks ago we went to see the closing ceremony of the games together, and later that night he kissed me. Then we saw each other again the week after, and we had a good time and watched a movie. And then three days ago, he was getting ready to go to Liverpool (I live in London and he studies in London, and his family lives in Liverpool) and he hasn't texted me since. Should I be worried? Should I take the hint?
we can't texting each other and we feel quite comfortable with each other.

we've had three dates, and we really enjoy each others' company, and on the fourth date we had sex, and he still texted me after that the next day and the day after that, like he did before we had sex.
well since he still hasn't texted me, ( before he left to go home he said that he would like to see me again when he is back in london, also he said that before he was back in london he was thinking of going to croatia) its been nearly a week and he hasn't texted me. and I stopped texting him 4 days ago as I didn't want to look clingy. what do I do?


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  • Nah, 3 days isn't that long.

    • isn't it? how long have guys not texted a girl for? even though they're interested in her

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  • Maybe he lost his phone. There could be a lot of reasons but if you can't get to him the only option is to wait.

    • so, from your point of view, do you still think he is interested in me?

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    • As I said it might have been just a random thing and he can't contact you back. I think you should wait for few days and then contact him again to ask him what's up.

    • ok fair enough. maybe he has run out of phone credit, otherwise he would text me. as it happened once at work and he actually told me that if he didn't text me that was because his battery was low and he would text me as soon as he charged his battery. :)

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  • He could be busy or he maybe just not that into you.

    • well he went back to liverpool for his mum's birthday on Monday, and he said he wants to go to croatia for a few days before starting uni, and he will see me again when he is back in london.

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