It feels like it's going good, but she never calls or texts?

Me and this girl have been amping up the flirting for the past couple months. We see each other once a week and we initiate the flirting about 50/50. So I think things are going good, but she never calls or texts and I've read on here a lot that if a girl's interested enough, she'll eventually call or text. So does she just like to flirt with me and not want anything more?


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  • I never initiate conversation with guys. I want to talk, but will wait for them to text me.

    • even if it means not being sure if you're gonna see him around the next week or not?

    • Depends on the girl. Personally, I wouldn't text or call, and if I knew I wasn't gonna see him for a while and he didn't start a conversation I would think it was he who doesn't want to talk so I would continue to avoid startin a conversation because I wouldn't want to bug him.

    • Let me explain my logic. The way I see it is that if he wants to talk he will start a conversation. If he doesn't, I assume he doesn't want to talk. I won't contact him because I don't want him talking to me if he doesn't want to, and no matter how much I want to talk, I put him first. (by not bothering him)

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