How do I seduce a guy via text?!

I'm 21 and he is 30. We met a few months ago and he has become like a mentor and has introduced me to a few professionals in the career field I am pursuing. We don't see each other often but text constantly about business although lately it has gotten very flirty. Nothing sexual has been discussed but I definitely want to take it there! How do I suggest we be friends with benefits through text?


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  • the way I always do it is to get the person asking or saying things I want them to by suggesting things. For example if you want to get into a sexual convo you can really bring up anything take sports for example. You say a comment about something about it being hot but in a way that'll cause him to ask you why or what you mean and than you can get more specific. Like say I think soccer players are hot. Hell say either why or really? And you say ya well they have great stamina so will prob be good in bed. Stuff like that you can do it with anything really


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  • just ask him if he'd like to come over and have fun


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