Not sure I want to date this guy, but I've been giving mixed signals?

So I have a good friend I've known for 7 months. I could tell he was attracted to me almost right away, but I didn't like him that way. Among other things, I kept sensing that I would probably get...too much of him if I started something. Now I've considered taking him out of the friend zone, because we have a lot of similar traits. Today I let him get me a froyo (usually I don't let him do anything Because I know why he pays for stuff) and we sat, talked, laughed, had a great time. But I still felt uncomfortable, and still get the feeling if I started something I'd almost definitely get smothered. I can't even touch his hand or look directly in his eyes without tensing up big time. so what should I do? I don't like that I'm giving mixed signals, but I can't clearly say one way or another if I like him...although I will say I'm leaning towards no right now. I don't want to say anything to him since my mind changes every day, and I need to sort that out first. so...opinions?


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  • I think you should still take it slow, get your thoughts together and when you're sure, act upon it, whatever that may be.


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  • What comes to my mind when I read that... Why are you afraid? It comes down to being afraid of getting to know someone on a deeper level. I don't know exactly what has happened in your past relationships (if you have had them), but it just seems to me that your fearful, and of course a little hesitant "But I can't clearly say one way or another if I like him". And then you contractdict yourself by saying "because we have similar traits" Isn't that a good thing? I think were all looking towards someone that has similar traits.

    But at the end, I think what you need to do (if you haven't already done it), is to either put yourself into a friend category, and let him know how you feel, and and let him know what you've been seeing from him, and talk things out. Then at least he'll understand that maybe he needs to look elsewhere within a girlfriend. Or on the other hand look at what your so fearful about, and try to explore your feelings for him, see if there genuine, because as you've said " I can't clearly say". The only way you can find out, and see clearly is to move forward.

  • You feel any sparks or attraction to him? If so, then it might work. Otherwise, just keep him in the friend zone.

  • Let him know that you can't date him because you don't want him to smother you.

  • well only you can make a decision for yourself. It doesn't matter how many people tell you what they think it still ends with you. The only thing I can tell you is follow your first mind. Here is a little 3 ? test to help you out a little bit. Answer as fast as you can without thinking about it then you will at least have some insight. Send me back a copy of your answers ok

    Do you want

    1. house or car

    2. cat or dog

    3. date him or stay friends

    Its just that simple now you have your answer

    • car, dog,...something in between O_o that's not good for his heart

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    • plane, trailer, stay single

    • glad to have helped you out

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