Suggestions on setting boundaries??

How exactly should boundaries be set with someone? Should you flat out tell them "if you do this or do that, I will not deal with you/talk to you anymore/cut you off"? How can you tell them your boundaries without coming off as demanding? (or SHOULD you rightfully come off as demanding when they have crossed your boundaries?)

I'm dealing with a guy who repeatedly ignores text messages from me and it's always when it pertains to plans we have. We make plans to get together, then when I ask a question pertaining to it (such as time/date or something I need to know) he ignores me. Then I get angry and tell him forget it, and he ends up apologizing. Or, he will text me later and completely ignore my question as if I never asked it. I gave up on him after a few times, but he keeps popping up.

I dealt with this annoying cycle with my ex boyfriend as there were constant broken promises and disappointments with him. And I know you are not suppose to bring "baggage" into other possible relationships, but it has really caused me to stay guarded when it comes to lack of consistent communication such as what he does.


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  • i think it HAS to be done in a direct way, but you can still be soft with your tone as to not come off as demanding.


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  • Are you really in your late twenties? So your sex life is Okay? Just can't make plans? ..O.O


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  • girl let this guy go...this isn't a boundary issue with him...its with yourself. he has you in the yo yo effect and you keep going back. you deserve better and are worth more than a yo yo. :)


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