Why do I think this way?

I feel very down at times since I feel woman have dating easier than men I don't want to offend any beautiful woman out there I really respect all woman. But I feel down since I'm single and don't have a girlfriend I feel girls have it easier since they have sexual power that's what my friend told me. And I see a lot of average girls in relationship than average guys I wonder what is my problem.
to the anonymous user in the bottom I have deep issues resulting from past experiences please don't attack me. you are a man like me remember that.


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  • Your problem is that you have misperceptions about reality, and you seem to obsess over them, and you deny anyone who tells you you're wrong, and you ignore any evidence which shows you that you're wrong.

    You seem determined to be miserable and single.

    And as for why that is, who can know?


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  • I honestly don't feel women have it easier in this day in age. Women get nervous, rejected, heart broke just like men.

    As to the way you're feeling...youre likely just in a bit of a rut...it will not last forever I can assure you. You'll be surprised at how it can happen out of nowhere.

    • your right it's been a while since this girl totally disown me and had a boyfriend who was a doctor and felt that girls had it easier because I been single for a long time now. but I see a lot of woman in relationships more than guys maybe I'm making assumption about life.

  • Hi there! Awww don't feel down. its just that, girls are being chased by many men, and rarely happens that men are chased by girls that's why girls may choose and pick. :)

    Just develop confidence, correct the postures, and try and try courting or looking for girls you like until you finally find the girl meant to love you and be loved by you.. :) She will come! ;)

    • you lady's got it easy must be nice.

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