Someone REALLLY famous is texting me!

ok. ill keep it simple. Someone famous (realllllyy famous

He plays a huge part in the biggest Disney movie ever made..

) that I met at a upper class (ish) party asked me to tweet him when we met.. I didn't... cause I thought he was just fishing..

Well basically... about 4 days after the party which is 2 hours ago.. he followed me on twitter and DMed me. it was a regular convo.. about how each other was doing.. until he said "Hey I was thinking maybe we should text.." and sent me his number..

I'm trying to play it cool.. he seems really interested..

what do I do ?

I'm freaking out. lol

cause I'm just a small town girl ya know..

i want to make him want me. hahahaa

I don't need snarky remarks. This is a website to ask questions.


Most Helpful Guy

  • he already wants you if he's given you his number. So no need to "make" him want you. Just continue doing what you were doing. It worked to get him hooked, so why change anything? Even though he might be famous he's still a person so just act like he's just another "normal" guy you like.


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  • so who cares?

  • who cares besides you?

  • Yeah yeah, he's from High School Musical and they do this sort of sh*t all the time.


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  • walt disney is texting you from the grave? amazing.

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