Is it fair to date a new one to forget ex? (I mean for the new one)

I'm really hard to forget my ex , she is always in my mind , trying to forget her, trying to do different things , keep myself busy not to think about her, it has been almost 2 months since she has gone, I don't think that I did anything wrong because of that I don't want her back (left side of me still wants but I choose to listen my brain at this time) do you think I should try with another one , would it be fair for the new one ?


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  • technically, when you move on to other people, you move on in general. I mean, experience has taught me that you get your mind off of someone when you have your mind on someone else. BUT here's my story: a guy in our group of friends finally broke up with his awful girlfriend and he was so hurt, anyway he was totally hitting on me and we clicked because we both want the same things and we're both easy going people. I swear I expected us to hook up and be together any day now. Then suddenly, the ex shows up at his work WITH A FLIPPIN' SANDWICH and told him how she missed him and wanted a second chance. Well, obviously he went straight back to her cos they have a history of years together. Blah.

    POINT: the point is, I felt hurt for 2 reasons: first, I realized he was probably just leaning on me for affection in order to move on. And secondly, because I didn't feel special at ALL! I felt like 2nd best. I told him off of course.

    Enough about me, I just wanted to let you know how my story felt like. I would say the best thing to do is this:

    1.surround yourself with friends and have fun the stuff you always wanted to do!

    3.go on tons of DATES! Dating helps you feel like you still got your ol'charm. VERY important. Healthy way to feel wanted and healthy way to be around women and enjoy romantic dates. But don't get serious unless you fall for one of them.

    That way, dear friend, time will heal things, you will have sorta moved on on your own, and when you genuinely like someone, you'll be with her for HER. And she'll appreciate it just as much. DOn't treat others the way you wouldn't want to be treated yourself.

    Good luck and take it easy, the single life ain't so bad! No one wants to feel like 2nd best!

    • thanks for the advices and sorry about your story :(

    • thanks! it's OK, being single for a while makes one stronger. so just grasp this opportunity:)

    • I will keep that in my mind :) at my previous breaking ups Ididn't feel like this, But this time is so different, she is always in my mind, I can not stop thinking about her, and it is really making me so tired in the head...Normally I would not be in a hurry, but I need to do something not to think about her anymore :(

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