How can you tell if you're just a rebound?

I've been dating a guy for a few months now and everything seems perfect. He's super flirty and sweet all the time. He takes me out to games and lunch and he said he thinks about me all the time and he can't imagine life without me.

But today I saw his ex girlfriend who he loved, and was friends with her for months before dating. He even wanted to marry her. I'm feeling insecure because he was with her for over a year and they had that history together. I've only known him from the time we started seeing each other which was literally like a week after she broke up with him.

Me seeing his ex made me think of this but also of rumors of him going out and making out with other girls (we're a long distance relationship). And I know he has a history of hooking up.

I'm now considering that maybe I'm just a rebound.

So is there a way to tell if you're a rebound?


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  • Seems like you are a rebound step back and don't be one

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