Is he serious about me or only wants sex?

i met this guy online, we Haven't met in real life yet. he calls me and we talk hours on the phone, I feel like he is really opening up, and I'm opening up too. he brings up sex every time, but we only talk about such things for like 10 minutes. it is clear that he wants sex, and I think I want that too, but only if this won't be a one time thing. he seems to be interested in me, in my likes and dislikes, my thoughts, he shares his too, problems with his parents and stuff.


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  • Been there - under 18.

    The gal used to get me VERY hot & bothered with such phone talk, though (like you) not much about sex.

    Then in person, she always wanted me to initiate make out moves that would eventually lead to sex - she even brought over her friend w/long time Boyfriend to ILLUSTRATE what heavy make out WAS, so we would copy all that.

    In those days, my parents were so strict, being caught in the act would have meant being kicked out of the house. I resisted.

    So behind my back, she courted my best friend, he turned his back on me, they had sex, she got pregnant, they fought, broke up & assume no baby somehow ... all this before HS graduation.

    This one just wasn't right for me, though plenty of others thereafter WERE.

    I feel this is the same invitation you are getting.


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  • No, I don't see how he's only after sex.

  • You'll only know after you met with hiim, had sex with him, monitor his attitude after you've met. Sex is definitely high on the agender but whether it's his only motive?... I couldn't say

    When are you meeting?

    • probably one week from now. the problem is that I am a virgin and I don't want to be used

    • Well it's better to avoid it then, that is if you value your virginity. This could easily turn out to be a bad idea

      Rare that you meet prince charming on the internet

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