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So I've been seeing this guy for about two months now and last night he hung out with this girl he knows I hate, now I'm not mad about it but he never told me he was hanging out with her. After telling me for about 3 weeks now how he doesn't talk to her and doesn't hang out with her besides when he sees her at work okay that's fine but I would just like to know what's going on. Am I right or wrong? After they hung out I saw I bunch of things he was tagged in on Facebook. Nothing bad just that they hung out, so I was like alright I'm going to sleep. We ended up getting into a fight about it and I said I wasn't mad but it hurt my feelings and he just said I'm gonna go...Okay? Do you want to know why or you don't care lol? How should I handle this? I almost want to tell him its not working but He's perfect besides this one incident! What would you say or guys what would you want to hear the women say?


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  • You don't know him, let him be.


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