Are there men who don't initiate dating or is he just a tease?

So I just got a new job. All of my employees are really nice people and seem quite close to each other. I'm still new, so I still feel kind of invisible at times. However, there is a cute guy that works on the other side of the building. Not only is he cute, but he is literally the only guy that works there aside from our boss's husband. Because we work separately, I normally only see him before work and during lunch. However lately, he has been coming into my room more often and whenever all the employees gather together, I can feel him looking at me. There have been several times where he volunteers to help out in rooms I just happen to be working in. He tends to gravitate towards me, which is strange since he knows me the least. For example, we were practicing restraints (quite physical) and needed to pair up. He gravitated towards me although I already had a partner. When my partner was having a hard time, he would step in and use me to show her the correct way to restrain. When we actually took the restraint test the next day, he wanted to watch me take it. And there is always teasing between us. When he watched me take the test he was like "I hope you fail", which I replied "I hope you fail life." Lmao! He just always has something mean to say to only me and I have to have a comeback. Lol. Even though he teases me, he's nice at times too. I told him I still felt like an outcast and he offered me advice. It was sweet. Then he's asked me where I lived. When I told him, he wanted to know exactly where I stayed because we live in the same area. "Where on 2234 do you stay?" Lol. I just laughed and called him a stalker. I wore a dress to work one day just because and as soon as he saw me he goes "Why are you dressed up? You have a date?" To me and others, its obvious he likes me BUT he has my number and never calls or texts me. I've texted him once before and it was cool, but he's never initiated anything. Its like he's waiting for me. I don't think I should've texted him that first time because if a guy likes you he'll contact you, right? But I gave him a ride to his truck once and he thanked me. I say "You're welcome...anytime". And he goes "You have my number." And when we texted he even made a joke like "Are you trying to take me out?" Lol. So is it possible that some men don't initiate? Or is he just a work tease playing jedi mind tricks on me?


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  • I never used to initiate much at all.

    so yes some guys don't.

    I'm shy, but when I like a girl she usually won't notice that characteristic..ill go and chitchat-but for the most part I never know when a girl likes me until she makes a move.

    Ive gotten the feeling in the past that I've totally led a bunch of women on in the past because of this, but I just didn't realize at the time that they wanted me to make a move, or that they were even interested.

    and plus I hate making 'the move' we're not in the middle ages..


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