What does it mean when he does this

so a guy I've dated and known for a goos period now, we got mad at each other well I got mad and said some horrible things cause he really pissed me off, and I said I never wanted to see him and he was a waste of time etc etc. Than he got online on Facebook and than deleted me. I got maaaad, but also sad, but than after like 3 - 4 weeks he added me again, but we ignored talking for a period.

Why would he bother adding me again... ?


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  • Because he probably regrets it, just like you probably do too.

  • at that time he was probably so confused and upset that he did what he did but realizing that it wasn't the best idea, he added you back and you should accept the friend request. if you really think about it don't you think you would have done something too and than regretted it and try to change it after you realized.


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