How to impress a guy on the first date?

Okay this guy is so unbelievably cool and absolutely gorgeous - I couldn't believe he even wanted to go out with me, as he's one of those guys I would see around but would always say he's way out of my league. We've only commuted through texting as we met a very short while ago - I acutally asked him out on the date and he wanted to go. Actually he seemed really excited about it surprisingly :P

Anyway, I just want to know some tips from those of you who have successfully dated, on how to impress the guy? He has told me I'm absolutely gorgeous which is a good start - but now I want to hook him in with personality and good conversation -

So what should I avoid talking about / doing? How much should I talk? What are some good conversation topics?

tnx so much xD


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  • laugh at his jokes, if he talks about a sport or something ask more and more and say how you've always wanted to learn it and he could teach it to you sometime... and light touching on the arm you know what I mean like "get outta here" - and touch the arm or chest => do that and welcome to date number two.

  • The next step is simply relax say you would love to grab something eat...That simple but gorgeous or not looks can be deceiving so take it sloooow.


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