When to respond to a text or not?

This same guy I have been talking to on and off was out of town. He just got home and texts me to say hi, that he was home, he apologized for just getting my texts (he was overseas), and asked about my week. So I responded by asking about his trip and apologized if I had bothered him while he was at this meeting because I had texted him asking if he was going to come meet me at a party-I had forgotten that the meeting was that Friday because the meetings are very low key and not public because they are about the current NHL situation...We didn't talk about the meetings because I didn't want to bring it up unless he wanted to talk he knew he could talk to me. But we didn't get to talk between the meetings and him leaving-the meetings were on Friday and he left on Saturday. Then I just said my week was good; family was in so always a good time. I didn't want to make our convo all about me and was interested in his trip so I made my response on my week short. His response was: it was good. Yeah I was at the meeting. Didn't bother me. Glad to hear. Do I respond or just leave it because his response was so vague?
So I decided to just text him and say "Fun. Well welcome back home." He said "Thanks (my name". Now I don't want to respond but at the same time I want to say something like "hey if you want to get dinner or lunch I would love to hear about your trip!"...What do you all think? It feels like an awkward situation and I don't know what to do...


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  • Yeah I think most texts don't need a response, but it's good to change the subject too. What you were thinking of saying would be just fine.

    • My friend who knows him convinced me to send him a text saying what I was going to say. We were at dinner and she said make it light and say "(her name) thinks I should ask you out on a date. So would you want to go have dinner or drinks? I would love to hear about your trip!" He hasn't said anything, but after talking to her it became more clear that he isn't very good in the dating department. So I asked...I have tried...he knows where to find me.

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  • it seems like he's keeping the conversation short and sweet on purpose, maybe you shouldn't ask him to dinner.


    • Why would he want to do that? Not interested?

    • possibly, or maybe since he just got back he wants to relax and enjoy being home for a little.


  • this guy is either not interested or not interested. He isn't making an effort with you and you know it. Plus text is a lousy way to try to start a meaningful relationship with anyone. Can you call him and chat with him? You need to find out if he really has any chemistry with you, rather than keep texting him on and off again.

    • so basically just not interested? this has been going on for about two months now. we have hung out and spoken on the phone. I'm a communications major and he had all the signs of being interested. He is very introverted, quiet, reserved. And lately things have been tense because of what he does and the fact that he is going to be busy with things soon. I don't want to bother him or stress him out and that's where I am stuck...idk if he is pulling back because he doesn't know if he can commit...

    • no, my dear. I've known of many girls such as yourself who make these big grandios excuses for a guy ignoring them. when the truth is that he's not making an effort. Do not invest time and energy where you are not getting a return. period. No matter what is happening in his life. if he doesn't know if he can commit, why waste any more time with him? That's a wash. there are greener pastures. two months is just too long. you deserve more

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