Did I blow it?

I've hit a problem in my relationship with this girl. We have been hanging out together for a little over 3 weeks. We talk everyday and it is about even on who starts the conversation. I thought she would realize from this that I was interested in her. After going out with her one night she said she it seemed I was not into her, which is not the case. I think she believes she is putting this effort in and I'm not doing enough. After this I apologized and admitted I like her. Since then we have talked once and I could tell it was not normal for both of us. I really like her and she used to really like me but I never expressed this until now. How can I get the relationship back to the way it was? Is it saveable? I just can't go on wondering did I blow this?


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  • I don't think it is necesarily too late...I kind of had the same situation a few months back. I liked the guy, and he claimed to like me, but he never really initiated any conversations or meetings with me. I just started to feel that maybe he just didn't like me. Then he would call or text and ask me if he had done something because he had not heard from me.

    Well, I don't know what was going on with him, but I can tell you that I backed off at this point. You are right, it felt like I was putting in a lot of effort on him and getting nothing to show for it. She is probably just stepping back in order to see what card you will play next. Don't go overboard, but make sure that you do really like her before trying to get her back to where you she wanted you. Maybe she sees something in your personality that says you are not ready yet...Is there something you are preoccupied with at the moment? Something that would keep you from being able to give her attention? Are you looking to have a relationship that is serious with her? She is probably feeling that feeling a girl gets when she is on the verge of liking someone a lot, but is afraid of being rejected. That feeling sux!

  • i think its totally fixable. it sounds like she is waiting for you to step it up. I think there's just been a misunderstanding...so now you need to make it clear that you like her. just call her and ask her to hang out this weekend...be attentive. are you nervous around her? maybe you're just being too shy and she's taking it as tho you don't like her. as long as you call her and hang out with her a couple times a week, she should know you like her.


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