Would you say the odds are much more in a girl's favor when it comes to online dating? is online dating

the main type of dating in which girls have it the easiest? Also, I'm sick and tired of people always using this argument, comment in regards to which gender has it easier when it comes to dating and relationships in terms of attracting somebody of the oppossite sex, they always say "for every girl that has a boyfriend, that guy has a girlfriend", Yes, but I'd say girls only find a very small fraction of a percent of guys attractive, see/view them as dating/relationship material, boyfriend material, meanwhile the percentage of girls that guys find attractive, see/view as dating/relationship material, girlfriend material, the percentage is much larger.

Also, when it comes to online dating, a guy's profile description in terms of what is written on there and the type of pictures on there, matter a whole lot more than a girl's online profile description.

Overall, guys have to stand out in order to attract, get a girl, girls don't have to stand out in order to attract, get a guy


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  • Not at all because we have to be a lot more cautious on things like online dating.

    There are a lot more dangerous for girls than for guys.

    Also your wrong, the guys that we find hot are more often than not jerks, I've dated a few and they treat you like trash when they get what they want, your welcome to those type of relationships if you want that...

    also we have to get through the guys who are just wanting to have sex, and find the ones who genuinely like you and want to be in a relationship.

    unlike girls, guys can blantantly bare-faced lie about being in love with you and when you have sex, suddenly that's not so much the case anymore.

    i don't think either side has it easier at all, just its different for both sides, girls might have it "easier" to attract guys, but we have a lot more stuff to deal with.

    • yeah the fact that girls have it easier initially, in terms of "getting the guy" that's the biggest part of dating and relationships, is attracting someone

    • It's not even remotely the biggest part of it.

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  • That can actually be a bad thing for girls, because then the douchey guys (not all guys) just want in her pants...trust me, it's horrible, but I often find that a lot of girls are really shallow and superficial. I just had a date with someone I met online...it was horrible, but looks had no part of it. Beauty is only skin deep, if a girl actually takes time to read your profile and messages you, then that actually shows more interest, and shows that she's not shallow or superficial.

    • most girls expect the guy to message first

    • not sure why, but that's true...I'd message a guy if his profile looks good, I'd never message a guy just because of looks (unless he looked like a thug or a pothead)

  • I would say that in terms of the number of responses a girl will get from her profile - the odds are in her favor.

    But by the same token, these responses often come from people that looked at her picture and not read her profile and as such, are completely incompatible / time wasters / idiots etc.

    So in that respect, I would say they are NOT.

    • yeah but guys have to work on themselves more than girls do in order to make themselves attractive to the oppossite sex

    • Not in pictures they dont.

    • well in profile description-wise they do

  • That's because men are far more desperate than women are, therefore easier to please, in general. If you've ever been in a video chat... take a look at all the cams... it's mostly men with their schlong out, begging for women to get on cam.. and there's like one or two females in the room with no cam on. haha.

    • even if a guy is not just looking for sex, he actually wants a serious committed, long-term relationship, he is still going to have to stand out more

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    • you disagree with that?

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  • girls gon't have to stand out in order to attract a guy? have you ever seen a girl getting ready to go out? I know some girls that spend more time getting ready to go somewhere than actually being there haha.

    but I get what you're saying, I've never tried online dating but I know girls love to read profiles and stuff way more than guys. for a guy, a hot pic will do better than 1000 words, but most girls would rather have a LONG detailed profile of everything you have ever done :)

    • well a girl's behavior is nowhere nearly as important as a guy's behavor's

  • In terms of replies and options for dating (anywhere from casual fling to looking for long-term)... women have WAY more of an advantage.

    Men are overall less picky, so the average woman gets more replies than the average man.


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