Any tips for online dating, from creating a profile to anything else?

i recently heard a stat that 25% of relationships come from online dating now. there must be some good in it.

i don't love the idea but I am looking to meet someone from the same background as myself (religion/ethnic) and that makes meeting people on my own more difficult so I was thinking I'd try the online thing, because I would really like to date and get into relationships.

anyway I am not going to post about myself or pics here but any advice people can give or experiences or feedback?

especially what you look for in an "about me" type of summary?

also is it true that you fare better if one of your pictures is a full body shot? nothing slutty or skanky, but a nice outfit where you can see the full body? that's what I've been told.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Make your profile funny. It's a bore to go on and see twenty girls in a row describe themselves as "fun and intelligent" especially when both those qualifications are subjective.

    Write funny stuff, and I'll believe you later when you tell me you're fun and intelligent, because you proved your humor and wit.

    And don't be afraid to message people first, or to message the average guys that are messaging you.

    They are why 25 percent of relationships are now occurring from online origins.


What Girls Said 1

  • I met my boyfriend online and we've been together 8 months now. The thing I suggest to do is to not be afraid to send the first email. My profile was blank and with no picture but I still got responses fast. If someone catches your attention then definitely let him know that you're interested with a wink or a random message. I never liked to mention something from their profile unless I was genuinely interested in what they had last read because I didn't want to come off as too predictable, but that's just me. I can give you more tips on what not to put on your profile. I used to check the girl profiles just to see my competition and, girl let me tell you, some things I thought were common sense. Don't write about your exes, or anything that will make you seem like a dramatic person. Be honest and real on your profile. Don't make a long list about what kind of man you want or what kind of man you "deserve". Don't write a whole novel, make it concise and easy to read. When writing about yourself, think what makes you unique. Highlight your accomplishments and what your goals are. List few things that are important to you and of course hobbies. Make it fun to read for the person. Full body shots are a must because guys get annoyed with camera angles, they can see that you are hiding something. Anything that says you are hiding something will put them off. Have fun with it and don't feel pressured to meet someone right away.

    • That is great that you met someone on there. I am one of those nice guys and I also wanted to meet someone that was like me but I tell you all I found on those sites were women who were players, no direction in life, and just wanted to use you. One thing that I might see a correlation in is yes you say that 25 percent of all relationships start online now, but then you can also say there are more people than ever getting divorces now, coincidental I don't think so

    • That sucks, I'm really sorry to hear that :(.

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