Girl that I liked started pushing me away and is pulling me back in now.

So there was thi girl I liked and I really thought she liked me to to. We wet to some concerts and a festival together and we got along really well.

At some point I decided to ask her out. She didn't say no but I found out she liked this other guy but she didn't tell me. We till hung out a few times but she was growing more distant. At one point it was clear to me that he wanted to remove me from her life. A friend showed me what she was posting on twitter and it was clear that it was toward me. She wrote things like "you never have anything interesting to say" and "if you can't spell my fave band name correct we can't be friend". The odd part is that we used to have long fun conversation until he started to cut me off and I even took her to the concert of her fave band as it's mine to.

But well, I was like ok I don't know what I did but if that's what she wants, I'll get out of her life.

I've heard some rumor that the guy she liked didn't like her and that she somehow blamed me for it.

but now my real issue, I still like this girl and she has started to inv me to shows and when we are at the same show she just hangs out with me and ignores her friends.

So, what's happening here? she wants to remain friends now or what?

Short version: Girl that I liked started pushing me away and is pulling me back in now.


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  • Play hard to get yo. See how she reacts.

    • How would I play hard to get? should I ignore her for a while or?

      I tried to remain distant but she keeps trying to get some of my attention, like nothing happened. I must add that she doesn't know that I've been shown her posts about me.

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