Girls, how do I get a girl to open up and talk to me?

Oh well. I have been texting this girl, but she hasn't really been replying well. And often, she has been trying to avoid my gaze when we talk. (and when we talk, it was always just one or few sentences)

I told her she was cute once, but, she knows she's cute.

So, any other ways I could do to get her to at least open up to me?

I've only tried texting, Haven't really face to face communicate with her because I'm scared that this may be too awkward for her to handle,

and if she doesn't want to talk, I do not know what should I talk about.

Oh ya, I have been like asking her opinion on this and that, but it always failed. she just doesn't reply as frequently. is she shy or what?


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  • Awww, don't get mad at me please. Maybe she got a bit annoyed? Give her space to reply and don't let her feel like you focus your attention to her because it would make her avoid you. :)

    By opening up, make sure you calm down always and ready to listen to her. Then you may ask her questions about herself, or open a topic with you telling your story. As time passes by, she will trust you and be more comfortable talking to you and suddenly she will open up to you. :)

    Alsoo, show interest without overdoing it for her not to avoid you.. :) Don't do the chase.. :) Goodluck to you! :)


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  • just chill out and try more face to face talk. the affection started and developed through online talk or texting can be fragile and unstable.

    just try to know her more and being a bit playful and flirty


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