What kinda stuff are new couples supposed to text about?

I don't really like texting and have never had a girlfriend so that has lead to me being a sh*tty texter ha ha I'm kind of losing interest in my girl because we text constantly but the convos always suck. So wtf should we be talking about?


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  • Text less. I only use text message for a conversation if I know I can't see my current interest in the next few days. Or something really funny happened. Same for him. We talk about anything and everything but both of us are horrible at texting. Usually we only text to figure out when we can see each other next. I hate daily texting, there's only one person in my life that occurs with, my best friend and only because she's really far away. I have never exchanged more than 10 texts with one person in one day.

    So text less, hang out more. If I was basing my interest in my current on our text messages, I'd be in the negative. Face to face conversation and phone calls are so much better.


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  • Hm, that's a problem I had with the last guy I dated. We texted, asked about each others day, everyday. But I went to uni so nothing special happened and he went to work so...

    Talk about having things in common, when you're gonna meet up, what you wanna do when you meet up, ...

    When I was dating that guy, I didn't have anything in common with him. It was hard texting him, if I'm honest, because all the time I had to think: what could I text him today?...hm...

    • And did that make you lose interest? Because I really like hanging out with her but honestly the combo of barely seeing her and having only sh*tty text convos I'm thinking of breaking up with her because she has to feel the same way I do

    • No, I just felt like something wasn't right. I texted a friend about it and asked her if she had those problems with her boyfriend and she said no, they always knew what to text about.

      Hm, what do you talk about when you see her?

  • It really should be nature. when me and my guy stared talking we texted each other nonstop through out the day asking question about each then we just had playful text back and forth until we started talking on the phone(he really hates to text too). I say try to talk to her like you talk to your best friends. I mean I know I talk to my friends about random stuff and its better with text because you have time to think about what you want to say.

  • well what is she interested in or you. If you do t have common interests then it's tough


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