Should I text him back today?

So three days in a row he's bailed on our plans, on Thursday it was a mistake, on Friday he literally forgot he had plans to meet me, and on Saturday he bailed again to be with his dad on a road trip.

I got really mad at him and said "Sorry is not cutting it anymore you need to start being more reliable."

So he said, "Okay I will."

And since then haven't responded. Apparently my guy friend messaged him telling him I was upset and he had no idea I was mad, and ever since yesterday I haven't texted him nor has he texted me.

Should I text him today and be like "Hey:) missed you yesterday"

I want things to be better again!


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  • I can see why you were frustrated about being ditched, but you can't blame him entirely.

    I don't think your message got across that you were angry because you didn't tell him you were upset outright. Sure, every girl who reads that is going to go "Ohhhhh... He pissed her off!" but it doesn't always register the same for guys. You may have been better off telling him you were frustrated to begin with.

    Now, I'm willing to bet, he knows you're angry thanks to your friend and isn't sure what to do next.

    You're already in waist deep. Don't throw out so much slack and make it seem like you just can't stand to not have his attention. If you absolutely must text him, send him something along the lines of "Let me know when you have time to hang out with me." Let him make a move, and opefully he'll be more likely to keep his own plans. If not, you're probably dealing with a flake.


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  • There is a new wave of predator using broiler plate text messing to lure women. They teach the course for $250.00 and they lure women in using the woman's curiosity and secret wording that gives subliminal messages about sex. This stimulates the women into a relationship. The text messages that actually work are passed on to other people taking the classes and used to get sex from other women. Text messaging and Facebook and the phone are not ways of effectively communicating for a relationship. Remember, your safety and identity are always at risk.

    How many people on Facebook are background screened before they are called your Friend.

    Hundreds of thousands of criminals are on Facebook.

    God gave us the five senses to determine fight-or- flight. When we take those 5 senses out of play we put ourselves at risk.

    Only engage in relationships...face to face. Text messaging will lead to a lonely heart.

    He only wants one thing. You already want him so bad you would probably agree to anything to get him back. Respect yourself...because he doesn't care about you.


  • Nope, if he knows your upset he should care enough to call you up or message you and try to smooth things over.


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  • If you text him "Hey:) missed you yesterday", you are pretty much saying hey it's ok if you bail again, I won't be mad. Do not contact him until he contacts you 1st and if he doesn't delete his number and move on. Lately I had a guy cancel 2x on our plans last minute and I am waiting for him to reschedule and I will not be texting him until he reaches out to me.

  • Don't text him, contact him, nothing . Make him miss YOU and want to work things out. Otherwise you're just reinforcing his behavior and he'll think it's okay and continue to do it. It'll be hard but this will prove wether he really cares about you or not. So let him contact you first.

    • he did contact me yesterday and agreed to be more reliable but I never responded :I

    • Then text him, "well I'm gonna leave it up to you to let me know when you wanna hang out again" make him take the initiative for once. If he doesn't, then drop him.

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