Movie date and texting your date while you're on the date?

So I was on a movie date earlier(second date but we've been talking to each other for months) at certain points in the date

we both had our arms crossed. I feel comfortable and 'secure' with my arms close by me, but I realize I might of come off as closed to him.

We did look at each other, talk before the movie & during and we laughed a lot and smiled.

He touched me on my shoulder because we were being silly doing hand gestures and he did the hand gesture towards me and touched me and looked at me.

He's told me before he kind of likes me. So I'm not sure what to think. Since we both had our arms crossed and right after the movie, we kind of just parted ways lol we were both tired.

Also, he texted me DURING our movie date. It was something silly but I didn't check until after the movie ended and saw it. I thought it was cute. Would that be a good sign he likes me? or he was just bored?

so, QUESTION... DO YOU think it went badly since we had our arms crossed? and we didn't kiss or anything. Just hugged at the end.


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  • No I think he just didn't want to move too fast. If you had a good time then reassure him and send him a text that said you had a great time. Then he will hopefully setup another date in the future.


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