Is there anything I can do to make him realize how much he loves me?

So I feel weird asking but I need a guy perspective. So I went out with this guy for almost two years and then all a sudden he broke up with me. The reason was cause he was thinking too much about the future too much or something and he didn't want a commitment. So at first he didn't talk to me then it was off and on. When we hang out all his feelings come back and he will say how much he cares about me and how he doesn't want to lose me and he never wants to do anything with anyone else. I know he means it because he's one those guys who are straight forward ad don't care about saying the truth. Now we are doing better and he talks to me a lot and says I love you it's like we are together but without the tittle and public affection. He will be going to the navy also but he says he loves me and wants to make things work. He says he needs to wait until his feelings come back like the ones that will allow him to know he wants to be with me forever. He also says he can imagine us married and everything so it's confusing to me why we aren't actually together even though we almost are. Is there anything I can do to make him realize how much he loves me? How can I make him muss me more what do guys like girls to do? What do you think I should do? I just want some ideas please thank you :)


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  • You can't make anyone love you, always know that. Its a personal thing and if the feelings are there then it will happen on its own. He also can't make himself love you.

    Military relationships are tough, like, real tough. When they are unmarried, they tend to be transient and can get sent off anywhere. You could very well not see this guy for a long long time.

    He sounds kind of wishy washy. First saying he loves you but won't commit to you until his "feelings come back?" What the hell does that mean?

    Sounds like he wants to keep you around. He may very well have some feelings for you but wants you to wait around for him.

    Quite frankly, I wouldn't hold your breath. Let him figure it out on his own but continue to do your own thing. All of these things such as being together forever, marriage, all of that, sounds "too good to be true," and sounds like he is saying what he thinks you want to hear.

    I wouldn't jump into this thing right away.


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  • Just live your life. Let him go to the navy. Make your own plans and goals, don't center them on something like waiting for him.

    This will cause your life paths to head in different directions, and things will drift. He will see it, and make a decision. He might realize he needs to marry you and unite your two lives and their directions. He might also decide to just let you drift :)

    One way or another, you'll find out.

  • He's no good... move on..


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  • Marriages based solely on "feelings" do not last, ever. Period.

    If you want to take your chances and wait for the butterflies to enter his tummy again, be my guest.. but I'd suggest you find a man who knows something of honor and commitment and sacrifice.. You don't want some guy who's gonna think he's in love one minute and not the next, super unstable.


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